Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Skins of art

What do I do when I really, really want to buy something that I do not need? Buy it as a present!

That's what happened when my girlfriend at GlamExchange discovered GelaSkins and wrote about them. Right after reading her article, I spent the next hour or so just browsing the site and looking at all the beautiful artwork—because that's what GelaSkins' pride is: artist-designed skins for your laptop, iPod and gaming devices.

I don't have a laptop, iPod or gaming device—no excuse to buy myself a Gelaskin. But my husband does have a MacBook, so there's my excuse!

The two skins I chose (yes, I consulted my husband and he'll say he chose them too, but I had already decided on them before we went through the website together, hee hee) are by the same artist: Colin Thompson from Bellingen, Australia. I immediately fell in love with his colorful, whimsical art, and what he had to say in the website made him even more endearing to me: I have always believed in the magic of childhood and think that if you get your life right that magic should never end. I feel that if a children's book cannot be enjoyed properly by adults there is something wrong with either the book or the adult reading it. This of course, is just a smart way of saying I don't want to grow up.

Here are the two art skins. Click on the image to see a slightly bigger one, or just visit the GelaSkins website. Guess which one my husband's currently using.

Colin Thompson's Bookshelf
Music Castle
Colin Thompson's Music Castle

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