Friday, August 29, 2008

From wet decks to wet streets

I think I just found the perfect shoe for the Philippines' rainy season: Sebago's Performance Marine series.

This is the Wave Ariel, and it is probably the most comfortable shoe I have ever put my feet in. There is not a single stiff piece in the uppers—everything is meant to move with your feet. Imagine yourself trying to move around on the deck of a sailboat in rough waters—you'd want your shoes to move with you and that's precisely what Sebago made this shoe to do. The materials are made to get wet and to dry quickly.

But what clinched the sale was this:

I thought it looked like an octopus' suckers, and sure enough, Sebago calls it the OctoPod. The traction is awesome! Unless I step on a slimy leaf or some litterbug's plastic trash, I am never going to slip while walking in the rain ever again.

The Ariel is the only Wave model that didn't look like running shoes and the color I chose was a chocolate brown (but I couldn't find the color in the website so it's probably last season's). I can actually wear them to work and not be accused of not looking 'professional.'


Vodka Mom said...

I found you on another site, and love your header! I hope to see some more lovely photos from Manilla!

cool shoes, as well! :-)

Kelly said...

These are great! Nice looking and will keep me on my feet! Great find!

Dina said...

shoes look very comfortable. I am a comfortable shoes person, especially since I have had the children ::) , where comfort is a number 1 priority.

Sara N said...

Well done,what a new subject!
we are updated with an intersting subject.Have a look! ;)

Eveline said...

did you buy this locally? mind if i ask where? thanks!

Hilda said...

Yes, I bought it here. Sebago has a store in Trinoma, but I don't know where else.

Eveline said...

Thanks for the information, Hilda :)

I'll surely check out their store soon.