Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October 2008: Happy elsewhere

One whole week with my sister and three nieces! I think I did more eating and shopping (alright, my sister shopped, I walked with her) in that one week than I did in the previous six months. I loved baby-sitting the girls so my sister could spend some undisturbed time with family and friends. I hope they can come back next year, and for a longer period!

Before they arrived, I squeezed in five performances in three weekends. Hubby-dear had to watch more. Much more.

La Bohème
Philippine Opera Company
Music by Giacomo Puccini • Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Helen Quach • Directed by Floy Quintos

Disney's Mulan Jr.
Repertory Philippines
Directed by Joy Virata • Choreographed by Denisa Reyes

Piaf: Love Conquers All
Written by Roger Peace • Director, Designer, Actor: Naomi Emmerson • Piano Accompaniment by Carmela Buencamino-Sinco

New Beginnings
Ballet Philippines
Night Creature
Choreography by Alvin Ailey • Restaged by Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish • Music by Duke Ellington
The Hurt We Embrace
Choreography by Max Luna III • Music by Jan Ap Kaczmarek
Mga Awit
Choreography by Max Luna III • Music by Michael Dadap • Lyrics by Nelson Navarro
Thresholds II
Choreography by Alan Hineline • Music by Jerome Begin

Master Class
Philippine Opera Company
Written by Terrence McNally • Directed by Michael Williams

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Dina said...

I had to post a comment on this . Yesterday my family and I and some friends of ours had tickets for this Musical that had to take place in Manoel theatre, Valletta Malta and guess what?? once we arrived there a little early sat down in the cafeteria and then as we were going to make our way in the theatre the waitress told us that it was cancelled!!!!! we looked at each other in shock, anger and most of all disapointment. Have you ever heard of a musical being cancelled because there was not enough audience??? There were two shows at 4pm and at 6pm and for the 6pm there was 6 families in all!! but my point is even if there was one family, there should have been the show because we payed to see the show and were committed to it aswell!!! Did something like this ever happened to you anywhere in the world??