Sunday, July 27, 2008

Almost, but not quite

Soon after I ranted about ladies' bags in Portable black hole, I bought myself a new bag from a friend of a friend who designs and makes bags. I got to choose the design I like and the leather to be used for it. This is it:

It has three large compartments—two with snaps and one zippered. The problem is, it still doesn't have as many pockets as I'd like it to have. In fact, it only has two small pockets, one in each of the compartments with snaps. So to keep my things organized, I still have to use several pouches of different sizes.

It does have one great thing going for it—it's huge! Note its size in relation to the chair. I can actually place a file folder in it and it won't be peeking out. The design comes in a smaller size, but I purposely chose the larger so I don't have to carry several bags. But then, as my friends say, I'm lucky because I can get away with it.

Because I meant to use the bag for everyday office use, I chose a dark brown braided leather so it can go with all of my clothes. It's not real braided leather, by the way—it's just stamped leather. But the stamping's so deep, you won't know it's not really braided unless you look at it very closely.

I'm satisfied with it for now. But the hunt still goes on for the perfect bag.


Anonymous said...

my hubby once asked, how many bags do you really need. and i told him a woman needs one perfect bag for each occasion. and he was like, "women have more occasions to attend to than men?!" ahhahaha! but i know what you mean about the perfect bag.

the one you had made looks really nice! does your friend accept orders?

Hilda said...

Thanks for visiting, Ryn!

I'm afraid that the maker of the bag isn't a friend—she's a friend of a friend and I haven't even met her. She sometimes sends her son to our office with samples and swatches to take orders. I'll try to find out if she has a shop somewhere.