Sunday, October 5, 2008

Excellent Excellence

In November of last year, I wrote about my preferred brand of hair color, Revlon's ColorSilk, in "My whites are showing." I've recently just changed brand loyalties. Now, my hair color of choice is L'Oreal's Excellence Creme.

What made me switch? The number one reason is the fact that it is a cream, not a liquid. No dripping! It's wonderful! That alone would have been enough reason to make me switch. The second reason is the conditioners that it comes with. Note that I used the plural. It comes with a pre-color conditioner aside from the regular after-color conditioner. It's an additional step and makes the process a little longer, but for someone like me who always struggles with dry hair, it's a very welcome step. And the after-color conditioner: L'Oreal has packaged Excellence with a small bottle of its Color Vive hair conditioner, enough for two or three applications. The applicator bottle also comes with two nozzles, the regular one-hole kind and this small comb where each tooth has holes in the sides, not the tips.

I love this new discovery. I've already bought my second bottle and it's waiting in the toiletry cabinet for my next application, about two months from now—just in time for the Christmas parties.


Ruby said...

I also use Excellence Cream. And I need to use it again soon as my whites have just started to show again, grrr! I hate doing my hair, what hassle, but yes, this product isn't at all bad.

Nathalie said...

Well I can hardly share your excitment. I agree that the product is good but I so wish I didn't need it! I had my first white hair at the age of 22 and have been colouring my hair for almost 20 years now and it doesn't do my hair that much good. I'm sick and tired of it!!!

valeria said...

Oh, I am exactly like Nathalie, white hair begun at 22. Yuk.
I rarely do the dye at home though. Too complicated and I am never sure about the colour: it's never what I'd like. But I might give L'Oreal Creme a try. Thankyou!

Kala said...

Well, I don;t have any problems with my hair since the hot baking sun just naturally colors it brown ehu colored =) But i do love the colorful vases on your blog banner image! how is the book, the Historians?

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis's" alter-ego is too bald to worry about hair coloring...his first need is to have hair to color!

The Asian Traveler said...

If I'm not mistaken, I've been using this product for almost a year now. Like Nathalie and Valeria, my white hair began to appear at 20. :(