Sunday, November 25, 2007

My whites are showing

Thank goodness I don't have any errands to do outside the house today. So I've scheduled myself, after bathing our dog and cooking, for hair coloring.

White hair runs in the family, though it's a blessing that we retain our full mops until old age. Because of this gene, though, I started coloring even before I was thirty (twenty-seven, I think). I always do it myself—salons are expensive and I really just get antsy sitting doing nothing for an hour or more. I can't even read because I have to remove my glasses for the duration.

Over the years, I've tried out so many brands of hair color and even henna. Henna, I can never use again. Aside from the fact that it stains awfully (skin, scalp, and paint, omg! be extra careful that you don't touch anything painted if you've henna on your fingers—no way to remove the stain, you'll just have to paint over it), I've also developed a pretty bad allergy to it.

I've finally settled on Revlon ColorSilk. I've no allergic reactions to it, the developer doesn't have a strong odor, and the hair conditioner that comes with it is fantastic and smells great. Before, I'd only use dark brown, my natural color. After all, the whole point was just to cover the whites. In my mid-years though, I'm finally experimenting a bit. I've moved on to the medium browns, and today I'm using a medium one with a golden shade. Maybe one of these days I'll have the guts to use even lighter colors.


cathy_bythesea said...

welcome to blogger, girl! :) you're like a local martha stewart! wag ka lang pakukulong ha? joke. happy blogging! see you here and on Multiply!

Hilda Kapauan Abola said...

I wish! But with the thousands of books that we have (NOT an exaggeration), student papers all over the place, and hardly any time to fix up and to attend to repairs, the house is actually a mess. So call this "making the most of what you have." =D