Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Two dozen pairs of stockings

Don't you just hate it when you have a whole bunch of knee-high stockings and you can't find a pair whose colors match exactly? Used to happen a lot to me until I figured out a way to keep my stockings' colors even throughout their lifetime.

Instead of washing each pair as they're used, I have two sets of a dozen pairs. Each dozen has to be of the same color. After using a pair, I place them on a stool in my room (I really should be neater and keep them in a little plastic pail or basket) until I use up all the pairs in one set. Only then do I wash them altogether. That way, the color of the set remains consistent for each piece. And while that one set is drying, I begin using the second dozen.

This way, you can grab any two pieces and they're sure to match. And it doesn't matter if one piece gets a run, because its pair will match the rest of the set anyway. When one set is down to a few pieces, then I go out and buy another dozen.

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