Friday, November 2, 2007

Send in your warranty cards

Two years ago, our digital camera's lens got damaged through no fault of our own. Luckily, it was still under warranty, and even luckier still, my husband had kept all the papers it came with and the official receipt. When it turned out that the model had been discontinued and the lens couldn't be replaced, the company gave us a brand-new higher model.

Since then, I have been religious in filling out and mailing warranty registration cards (if required) for all the appliances and gadgets—even software—that we buy. At the very least, I get the warranty card, list of service centers and the official receipt, staple them together, and keep them in a clear plastic filing case in my desk. I'm not one to keep them alphabetized or indexed, but at least I know where to get the papers when I need them. It only takes a few minutes after a purchase, and if it'll save us a lot of money in the future, then those few minutes are worth it.

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