Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angels & wolves

The nice thing about going to a medical center that's located in a mall is, you can treat yourself any number of ways after being a good girl and going to the doctor for your check-up. So after this morning's visit, I ended up in a bookstore (yet again!) to get my treat.

I found a copy of the fourth book of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, "Kushiel's Scion." I have the first three and I loved them, and it seems that there's a fifth book out too. What if angels came to earth and had children with humans? Their descendants would be beautiful and would inherit the traits which made the angel perfect for it's role. Kushiel was the angel of justice and his descendants like to hurt and be hurt. They can be very compassionate, but they can also be cruel. Love, spirituality, intrigue, quests, eroticism—wonderful reading.

I also got Carrie Vaughn's "Kitty Takes a Holiday," also part of a series, but thankfully, each book seems to be independent of the others. Thankfully, because it'll be my first, yet it's the third of the series. Kitty's a werewolf, but very much a female—she has a crush on her lawyer and the werewolf hunter. Definitely light reading, I hope it's as funny and entertaining as it sounds!

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