Monday, November 12, 2007

You get what you pay for

Not always, really, but in the case of shoes, this adage is so, so true.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned buying three pairs of office shoes for the price of one pair of Naturalizers. After just one day of wearing one of them, I was reminded, with much discomfort, why I stopped buying cheap shoes in the first place.

The worst of the poor construction seems to be in two spots:
1. The topline at the back
With good shoes, the leather at the back is rolled over and stitched inside so there's a little cushioning. The cheap pair I got is just stiff leather there so it rubs against the back of my ankle and leaves a dark, sore mark.

2. The vamp
The cheap shoes taper too much! The spot about an inch from where my toes begin feel like it's been crushed by a rock by the end of the day.

Never again to cheap shoes, I say. Never again.

The image I used above is a pair of Naturalizers. I'm going back. To Aerosoles too.

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