Monday, November 26, 2007

Broiled, not fried

I'm lousy at frying. Really, really lousy. All my non-cooking friends find that funny because they at least can. Yet if I try cooking tapa or tocino, they're sure to end up charred. I even managed to overcook an omelette once!

The problem is, I get a hankering for fried chicken every now and then. No coating, no gravy, just plain, crispy-skinned fried chicken. (Yes, yes, I know the skin's loaded with bad cholesterol—I don't care! Besides, it's just every now and then.) I tried frying chicken once and I ended up with crispy skin all right, but with raw, pink flesh inside. Another girlfriend suggested I boil the chicken until it's half-cooked before frying, but it came out so dry! We've been avoiding fried foods at home—they aren't exactly healthy, so I don't have a deep-fryer and I have no plans of getting one.

So my solution: use a broiler. That, I have. The chicken comes out all golden brown with crunchy, crispy skin, well-cooked inside but still juicy. I've used whole chicken (like a roast—stuffed and not) and chicken pieces. They're all cooked perfectly.

The broiler I have is old—it was my mom's! It's so sturdy, I'm frustrated it hasn't conked out yet because I'd love to have an excuse to get a new one—the kind that uses tempered glass so I can see inside without lifting the lid. But seeing as how I don't really use it that much, I guess I can wait.

Just sharing with you my favorite chicken rub: rosemary, garlic and salt. That's it. Mmm…

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