Saturday, October 27, 2007

Keep a birthday book

It doesn't really take much to make people happy. I've discovered that in this life, it's usually the little things that matter. Take the tiny gesture of greeting someone on her birthday... you can now do it by sms, email, sending an e-card from one of many sites offering that service, or commenting in her blog. If she's right around the corner, you can actually call her up, visit her to greet her personally, or, if you're true girlfriends, go out to lunch or dinner. You can also choose to just air kiss, kiss and hug, or give a gift. But the point is, greet your friends Happy Birthday! It really doesn't take much effort.

What does take a little effort is remembering all those birthdays and anniversaries. And that's where a birthday book will come in handy. It doesn't matter whether it's an actual book, like this little beauty given me by my high school girlfriend, or your computer or cellphone calendar. Remembering your family and friends' special days will always keep you special in their book. And if you've lost touch with the person, then just remember to say a prayer and blessing for her, wherever she may be.

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