Sunday, October 28, 2007

My monthly mall expedition

Because of my Saturday work, I've had to learn to be a little more efficient with my chores, errands and such to make sure I have time left for myself.

Take shopping for birthday gifts. The last couple of years, I've taken to going to the mall during the last Sunday of the month armed with a list of birthday celebrants for the next month. I'm in the door the minute it opens at 10am and I'm usually out by noon. I hate crowds, see, so this way I'm gone when the mob arrives. I also always choose a mall with a big department store so I can get most things I need and just line up at the checkout counter once. I usually sneak in stuff for the house (like shower curtains or table runners) or for myself (a new shade of lipstick, for example) during these trips too.

So, this being the last Sunday of the month, I was at the mall by 10:15am. This time, though, my list had much more than just department store stuff.

One. Get my credit card promo item.
You know where you get some free item if you spend a certain amount within so many months? That kind. They were out of the only item I could get so they just gave me a voucher, got all my contact numbers, and said they'd call when the new stock arrives.

Two. Get new eyeglasses.
I've come to the inescapable conclusion that I have to get double vision glasses. Having two different eyeglasses for distance and reading is not just mighty inconvenient, it's started giving me headaches. This took the longest time (an hour) because I also decided to change optical shops, so much time had to be spent on measuring. I wasn't happy with the service of my old one anymore.

Three. Get my watch strap adjusted.
The watch is a gift from a high school girlfriend who came back from Texas for a visit after more than ten years. I needed about five segments removed.

Four. Buy the department store stuff.
That included gifts for four people (November's a lean month for birthdays among my friends), two new pairs of office shoes for me (one black, one brown but I ended up buying three pairs because they had my size! and all for less than the price of one pair of Naturalizers!), scalp treatment hair conditioner and anti-frizz serum (because I'm on my last bottles), and a hair dryer (mine's so old, it's being held together by electric tape!).

I was out of the mall and in a cab by 1:30pm. Longer than usual because of the eyeglasses, but what they hey, right? 'Til next month…


ning said...

i love it!

especially the thing about the birthday book, every time i get a new planner, i spend hours doing just that.

so when are your and exie's birthdays?

hey what are you reading?

Happy at Home said...

Hi, Ning. Thanks! It's kinda weird. One, I'm still getting used to the interface. Two, I keep saying I hate writing, and yet look at what I've gotten myself into!

I do the same thing with my planner, but I only do it monthly. That way, I get to write my birthday gift shopping list too.

Mine's 4.18 and Exie's 8.16. Now you know why I asked all your family's too.

I'm on a children's books binge again. Just finished "Beauty" by Donna Jo Napoli, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Lovely. Not really for kids, though. Young adult. Now, I'm finally reading the last Harry Potter book. Late, late, late.