Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"It's 'cause of you that I'm this way."

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger
April 4, 1979–January 22, 2008

Image source: Yahoo! Movies

I'm going to miss Heath. I thought he was a fantastic actor and would become even better, the way he was choosing his roles so carefully. I never got attracted to his looks, though, unlike many of my younger girl friends, but his voice—that's what I found sexy. Now, he's not going to finish "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" and when I watch "The Dark Night" later this year, I'll be thinking that he's gone and that might diminish my enjoyment of the movie.

Of all the news articles that I've read today about his death, I like The New York Time's article the best. The reporters took the time to interview his neighbors in SoHo, and they liked him as a neighbor. He seemed like such a nice person.

I truly, truly hope that it wasn't suicide. Let's just say that I'm not a very happy person right now.

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Bassister said...

May his soul rest in peace.