Thursday, June 12, 2008

110 years of independence

Today, we are celebrating the 110th year of Philippine Independence from Spain.

On June 12, 1898, Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo declared the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule.

This declaration was not recognized by Spain or the United States, however, because that same year, Spain ceded its colony to the U.S. in the Treaty of Paris. Philippine independence was only recognized by the U.S. on July 4, 1946.

Proclamation of Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1898

I was going to say that maybe we should have a second celebration on July 4, to commemorate our independence from the U.S. But on second thought, are we really?

Read more about the Philippine declaration of independence at Wikipedia.


ken mac said...

Hmm. We can post archival stuff? I am on it! :) Nazi Gold looks really good.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" was happy he found your post about Philippine Independence. "Louis" is currently reading a biography of General Douglas MacArthur. The MacArthurs (both Douglas and his father Arthur) seem to have had a real love for the Philippines and her people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cooking tip.

I wrote something on Philippine history that might interest you.

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