Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Virtual tourist

I discovered City Daily Photo after I'd been a semi-regular reader of Paris Daily Photo for several months. I wasn't minding all the stuff outside the main blog, which is why I missed this wonderful website earlier.

And wonderful it is! It's a portal, a collection of blogs around the world. Each blogger's "mission": to post a photo of their city every day. Last I checked, there were more than 600 blogs registered (though probably less than 600 cities, since some cities are represented by more than one blogger).

The quality of the photos vary. There are professional photographers in there, and their photos are magnificent. The serious hobbyists' are fantastic too. Then there are the ordinary folks who just want to share about their corner of the world. And I've discovered that it is to this last group that I am usually attracted to.

I try to visit at least three places a day, whatever thumbnail catches my eye. Sometimes, it's because the photography is excellent, but more often than not, I visit—not the artistic shots or close-ups of flowers and pets—but the ones who actually show a piece of their city. I especially love the ones who bother telling stories, the story of the statue, house, bridge or ship—the stories of their cities. I've always loved stories.


Z said...

Stories are nice and in the beginning, I spent hours and hours reading blogs. Sadly I've now started to feel a real time pressure and now find myself more often browsing those DP blogs with just one daily photo and minimal text. It seems that every few months or so, my habits involving the Internet change as thing change and new options come along.

Louis la Vache said...

The DP website is a great resource.

"Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo - and for being the first to leave a comment on this week's "ABC Wednesday" post. Check back on Friday for Sky Watch!

À bientôt,
"Louis la Vache"