Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zapped no more

I finally changed my Multiply header image a few weeks ago because the first one was too big—I couldn't see my own navigation buttons. Soon after, I discovered that the ad zapper installed in our company web server stopped zapping it. I wrote about this small problem back in February (read 'This ad zapped.').

So, of course, I wondered why the software zapped the first one but not the new one. And I realized that it was just because of the file name. The first header image was named hah_banner.jpg and because I didn't want to overwrite the original file, I named the second one happyathome.jpg. The realization: the software automatically zaps all external images with the word "banner" in its file name!

I love these "Ah-hah!" moments.


Louis la Vache said...

Interesting bit of technological info here! The things we learn by visiting other blogs!

"Louis" thanks you for visiting his dance between the moon and the fog at midnight.

Dina said...

Hey, I have just bumped into your blog. Nice blog. It seems like you like to read, that's great I love reading too. What is interesting is that at the moment I am reading a Margaret Atwood's too.

brian said...

well, first of all thanks for the info! my banner photo had banner in the name also - let me know if you still get zapped!