Sunday, December 9, 2007

Healing sleep

About two weeks ago, half of our office was starting to get sick. People were coughing and sneezing, getting the sniffles and ache-y joints. I was starting to get worried because December's our busiest month of the year and we couldn't afford to lose the manpower.

I really just don't understand why people will insist on coming to work when they're almost sick because one, they're liable to infect other people, and two, do they really have to wait until they are sick (not just almost) before they start the healing process? I know there's lots of work to be done, but still… one or two days to rest is so much easier to handle than three or more days of riding out an influenza infection! For oneself, for one's family, and for one's officemates.

Then there are those who'll come to work and say, "But I've taken medication for it already." Sigh. To heal properly and quickly, our bodies need to focus on healing. If it has to attend to so many matters, its energies will be dissipated! And the only way for it to focus on healing and repairing itself is if we leave it be and sleep.

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