Monday, December 31, 2007

Wish upon a star

In a few more hours, it'll be the new year. Instead of listing or asking for new year resolutions, I'd like to pose a different question:

If you had more time for yourself and money was not an issue, what things would you be doing regularly that you're not doing now?

Go on, don't be shy. And don't feel guilty about being selfish—it's just a wish list after all. So indulge and list as many as you'd like. Here's mine:

Monthly facials with a dermatologist
I was acne-prone as a teenager and I still bear the scars of my youth. My skin's still terribly oily too.

Weekly pedicure and manicure at a salon
I'm beginning to have a hard time remaining hunched over my feet while giving myself a pedicure. Age.

Laser hair removal
I don't know the frequency, but target areas will include the eyebrows (for shaping, not removal, okay), upper lip, armpits, bikini area, lower legs and toes (yes, I have hairy toes like a hobbit—but I sure ain't hobbit-sized!).

Hit the gym every other day
Except for my core exercises and stretching in the morning, I hardly get any exercise. Bad.

A concert, dance or play every month
I'd love to be able to watch more performances, and of all kinds.

Complete medical check-up annually
Not just the pathetic minimum our medical insurance currently provides.

A one-week vacation to a different place twice a year
I would have said two weeks each, but I know myself—I'd just get antsy and worried about the house and our dog.

I could go on forever…

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