Friday, December 14, 2007


So, I finally got my new double-vision glasses last weekend.

Waaahh! Look at the size of those frames! Look at the thickness of those lenses! Nightmares of first year high school right there. Sniff.

The only time I'm going to wear those nerdy things are during meetings in the office when I need to see both faces and what I'm reading and writing.


~ anouk said...

whoa! those are pretty thick indeed, missy!

i, on the other hand, am bummed that i am unlikely to get new frames. i really wanted these 2k frames i saw in SM le provence 2 weeks ago. alas, i must stretch my moolah.

why, for a pretty rich institution, does our beloved uni not pay us well?

gripe, gripe.

Hilda said...

Turns out that there's no such thing as ultra-thin for double vision lenses. =(