Sunday, February 3, 2008

Almost summer

The nights are still cool, and though the sun is much stronger—especially at noon—even daytime breezes are still cool too. But I know that summer's on it's way in this part of the world because of two things:

ONE Our dog's shedding like crazy! Has been for the past two weeks. I give him a good brushing everyday, but I still have balls of hair all over the living room, dining room and kitchen. Finally brought him in for grooming last weekend—a summer cut, which means his hair's just half an inch long now. Doesn't mean he has stopped shedding, but at least I don't have tumblehair in the house anymore.

TWO I'm flaking! Though I use a wash cloth or a loofah in the shower until I scrub myself raw, when I put on my body moisturizer, rolls of skin still peel off. I have to wait until the moisturizer dries then I dust myself off. Otherwise, I feel like I have lint all over my body.

Summer. Heat and sweat, yes, but also a reprieve for my scalp, which absolutely hates cold weather. So does the rest of my skin, actually. After this peeling, my skin will be having a wonderful season!

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