Thursday, February 21, 2008

Glam Exchange

I've never been much for browsing fashion blogs or sites (or fashion magazines, for that matter). When I was younger, yes. But now, they just don't talk to me anymore, and they make me feel old, fat, ugly and poor.

Then a girl friend put up Glam Exchange (the source of yesterday's silver bath recipe), and now I'm hooked again. Aside from the fact that she's a very good writer and that she chooses the most luscious images, Glam Exchange's choice of topics is as quirky as the woman behind it. Take those high-fashion designers for example. Instead of just showcasing the new season's designs, she greets you during the Chinese New Year with Marc Jacobs' whiskered shoes, shows you the beautiful Prada video "Trembled Blossoms" and only mentions the bag and shoes in passing, and features the New York fashion show "FutureFashion" because many of the designers in the show made extensive use of the Philippine fabric piña.

All fashion is Glam Exchange's purview. Accessories, of course. Jewelry, yes, including a piece about how you can have yourself made into a diamond after cremation. Even bling for gadgets—laptops, cellphones, iPods and their ilk—because they are now part of our over-all look after all.

Have I started surfing fashion sites and buying fashion magazines again because of Glam Exchange? Have I become a shopaholic? No. My fashionable girl friend is probably despairing of me…


Cynthia said...

There's nothing old, fat or ugly about you. As for poor, aren't we all?

Hilda said...

You're a real friend, Cynthia! =)