Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your bra should not make you look like this!

Warning, boys: this is one post for the girls only. So if you insist on reading it, please resist the temptation to write a smart-alecky comment.

I am risking some ire from others by saying this, but I just have to say it: I totally abhor this!

Rolls of back fat oozing over and under bra straps. The thing is, it's not limited to just fat women. I've seen it on skinny and average-sized women. I've seen it on young girls, old women, and (otherwise) smart-looking corporate types in their prime. Really, sometimes I get very tempted to go up to these women and tell them, "Lady, your bra's too tight. Please loosen it or change it."

Because that's all it is: a bra that's too tight.

There are lots of websites that have tutorials on measuring yourself correctly, choosing the right bra, even tutorials on how to wear them properly. I especially like O, The Oprah Magazine's "Bra Intervention" article because of the before and after bra makeover pictures. It's a three-part article with more pictures than text, and with four related articles. All very easy reads. Back fat rolls are just one problem (but my particular pet peeve because it's relatively easy to address)—there's the hardly-there problem and the cup-overfloweth problem. All are tackled in the article.

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Cynthia said...

Unfortunately, a woman has to keep checking her back to see if she has outgrown her bra.

As a woman with very specific bra needs, my problem is more up front. Most cups in the Philippines are too small. So some of us who are more endowed have to squeeze into smaller bra cups. The result: four mini-breasts!