Friday, March 28, 2008

Designer soda

I've never been much of a soda drinker. When we were growing up, we only had water to drink at home, and sometimes, fruit juices. We'd have soda ("softdrinks" to Filipinos) only when we had visitors, so it was always a treat. Now that I'm older, I still don't drink soda much—bad for hyperacidity.

Pepsi DeluxeBut last December, my husband came home with freebies from Pepsi: two cartons (six cans per carton) of Pepsi Deluxe. Zero calories. One flavor was Creme Caramel and the other was Strawberries and Cream. They were down to four cans last weekend and I finally decided to try them out.

They're good. Creamy is the correct word for them, and the fizz adds a nice tartness.

Why designer soda? I have no idea. At the bottom of the can, it says: "Uncover more at" See, the problem is that I didn't check it early enough and the Pepsi Deluxe page at Armani is gone. Now I'm left wondering what that whole thing was all about.

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