Thursday, March 6, 2008

What is 40 Philippine pesos?

  • About one U.S. dollar
  • Three hours of parking at the mall on a weekday
  • One order of large fries at Jollibee or McDonald's
  • One bottle of local beer at our neighborhood bar
  • One Pilot retractable ballpen

Forty pesos will not get you a full lunch at our school cafeteria. It's not enough to get you the smallest cup of coffee at Starbucks. You'll need a few pesos more to buy one liter of gasoline for your car. You'll need ten times the amount to buy a paperback of one of the bestsellers. And you'll need a hundred times forty pesos to buy a very good leather bag or pair of shoes.

What is 40 pesos?
According to the latest (2006) official poverty statistics report of the National Statistical Coordination Board, released on 5 March 2008, 40 pesos is what more than 27 million Filipinos have to subsist on for an entire day.

Read the ABS-CBN report here.
View the numbers here.

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artemis23 said...

pwdeng ibili ng 2 banana que (24pesos) and isang baso ng buko (6pesos), mirienda nga lang