Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How long does it take

…for a scar to completely disappear when you're religiously applying Hydrocortisone Cream to it mornings and evenings?

Back in September 2007, I had a sebaceous (there's that word again! honestly, I've the oil glands of a teenager) cyst removed from my chest. No big deal, took all of thirty minutes including waiting for the anesthesia to take effect. A month later, the wound had closed but I noticed that it was starting to form a keloid. Panic attack! I know that keloids are not dangerous or anything, but the location of the scar is really inconvenient. When I wear a scoop or V-neck shirt or a button-down blouse, the thing peeks out.

So I ran to a dermatologist, who prescribed Hydrocortisone Cream with directions to apply it every morning after my bath and every night before sleeping. It's been almost five months, and I'm happy to say that the keloid didn't continue (thank goodness! the other solution is a Cortisone injection) and the angry red color is gone. But there still is a slight mark and my girl friends say it looks like a hickie, of all things.

Summer's here. The time for tank tops and bathing suits. So I just want to know how long before the scar disappears completely, or if it ever will. Does anybody know?

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