Monday, March 31, 2008

Manila during Earth Hour 2008

Not bad. Quite a few cities in Metro Manila joined Earth Hour 2008. I just can't figure out which areas these pictures are of. There are no landmarks I can distinguish, there were no 'before' photos, and the captions didn't identify them either.

How'd your city do during Earth Hour?

Photos by Rolex dela Peña from the web article In photos: 'Asia-Pacific Earth Hour' published in m&c

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Cynthia said...

The bottom picture has the best landmark imaginable, the bay, ergo that is Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

The top photo was harder to ID. But there aren't too many flyovers with coconut trees. Absolutely none on EDSA. So I guess this must also be in Manila, somewhere near MOA.

Anyway, it figures. Both were taken by the same photog, so he couldn't have gotten far during Earth Hour.